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Spokane Garage Solutions helps you with preventative maintenance Preventative Maintenance:

We provide preventative maintenance of your garage door and opener as well as a 20 point inspection checklist to insure your door is functioning properly. Just make sure to ask about our inspection and our friendly technicians will review it with you in detail.

Spokane Garage Solutions can install your new garage door. Garage Door Installation:

We carry and install the best garage doors in the industry, backed by some of the highest quality warranty’s.

We back our labor with a warranty and provide excellent customer service to Spokane & Coeur d’Alene and surrounding areas. Just call and ask if we service your area.

Spokane Garage Solutions can repair or replace your existing garage door. Repairs:

We service and repair most makes and models of garage doors and openers. We replace broken springs, cables, rollers and broken or mis-aligned vertical and horizontal track. Our technicians are experts with broken spring replacement and opener repairs with most makes and models of doors and openers. We are experienced in all types and models of springs and garage doors. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement Specialists
Our technicians are experienced with numerous spring situations and in most circumstances can get your door operating in one simple visit.
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Opener Replacement and Repair
Spokane Garage Solutions installs and repairs hundreds of openers each year and have a lot of experience with the Craftsman brand of garage door openers. We work on most makes and models but of course we have our preferences for recommending what we consider to be one of the best openers out there on the market. Call it favoritism if you like but we simply call it a great product.
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Garage Door Roller Replacement 
Tired of that old squeaky garage door that wobbles it's way down the tracks? A simple solution could be replacing your rollers with our high quality nylon coated ball bearing rollers. Our rollers will boost your door's performance while reducing noise, keeping your garage door operation down to a respectable decibel level.

Same Day Service
We strive to provide same day service in most cases and under normal circumstances. Give us a call and we can work with your busy schedule. We provide hassle free appointment booking and have flexible appointment scheduling.

  • Additional Accessories and Door Upgrades Available
  • Security Systems for Driveway Entrance
  • Laser Parking Assistance Devices
  • Heavy Duty Light Bulbs for Longer Life
  • Garage Door Open & Close Indicators
  • Smartphone Enabled Openers
  • Garage Cabinet and Storage Solutions
  • Gate Openers
  • Professional Epoxy Garage Flooring

Troubleshooting and Advice
Our employees are extremely knowledgeable and will try to help you diagnose most problems and provide you a solutions over the phone or send out one of our experienced technicians to fix the problem.


Servicing Most Makes and Models
No matter how old or worn out your system may be we strive to work on most makes and models and give you our professional opinion on the best route for you to repair or improve your garage situation. Our technicians are honest, professional, reliable and background checked; they will not try to pressure you into anything like some other company’s do. We work on:

  • Broken Torsion or Extension Springs
  • Broken Lift Cables & Drums
  • Broken Rollers & Panels
  • Bent Track
  • Doors w/ Splitting Sections
  • Weather Seals & Bottom Seals
  • Garage Framing & Building Custom Headers

(509) 795-2027

Spokane Garage Solutions is available 24/7 for emergency repairs

‚ÄčOur friendly staff is more than willing to help you troubleshoot your repair over the phone. For simple fixes, we can often walk you through how to fix your door if at all possible.

Trained Technicians are Background Checked

Our technicians are awesome and our customers love dealing with us because we are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We pride ourselves in providing the right solution to our customers without the pressure of selling them something they don’t need like other companies do. We are here for the long haul and we are building our business one satisfied customer at a time. Just check out our reviews and letters.
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Spokane Garage Solutions repairs most commonly worn out garage door parts.