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Garage Door Spring Replacements

Garage Door Springs Under Extreme Pressure. Do Not Tamper With!

Garage door springs are on your door to counter balance the weight of your door, to make it lift properly and evenly to keep your opener from doing all the work. If your opener does all the work instead of your springs you would completely burn the motor out repeatedly and have an unsafe garage door environment. For example, most double car standard un-insulated garage doors weigh roughly 160lbs. That means that you need two springs that can counter balance the weight and lift 160lbs seven feet off the ground and hold the door in place once it reaches the top. Replacing these garage door springs is extremely dangerous because of the amount of torque needed on the springs to lift the garage door successfully. Therefore, it is not advised to replace the springs on your garage doors yourself, but instead to hire a professional who has years of experience replacing garage door springs and can insure you that your door will operate safely after he has installed a new set of springs. Below is a little bit of information on the various styles and compositions of springs and how they generally function.

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Replace Both Springs?

We get asked all the time about how many springs should be replaced and we give the same answer all the time. Generally, if both springs were replaced in the past at the same time then you will want to replace both springs once a technician is at your house. The reason being is that springs each have a unique life cycle based upon how many times your door is operated. So if one of your garage door springs is broken then you will be looking at replacing the other spring within a relative small time frame. We offer a discount to replace both springs at the same time so it ends up saving our customers in the long run to have them both replaced at the same time instead of having us out twice. One trip. Two springs. One trip charge. Equals one happy customer that will not have to see us in the near future.

We work on the following types of garage door systems.

  • High Life Cycle Spring Systems
  • Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster Torsion Spring System
  • Linear Systems
  • Duplex Systems
  • Triplex Systems
  • Mixed Systems
  • Traditional Torsion Spring System
  • Torsion Spring Standard Lift, High Lift, and Pitch Lift
  • Garage Door Extension Springs
  • Commercial Torsion Spring Systems; Linear, Duplex, Triplex, Mixed